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Economic policy forum

October 2021 Economic Policy Forum - Digital transformation and the future of work
September 2021 Economic Policy Forum: "Zukunft des Sozialstaates" im Rahmen der ESPAnet Forschungskonferenz
Mai 2021 Economic Policy Forum: Modern Monetary Theory: Diskussionsanstoß oder Patentrezept für die Post-Corona-Welt
October 2019 Expert government in Austria - unique exception or promising model?
June 2018 Social Partnership and Economic Policy: A Model of Success in Digital Transformation?
November 2015 Tax reform: (Not) a big throw?
June 2014 Wealth - Education - Equal Opportunities
December 2013 States and banks in crisis
January 2013 Will the regulation of financial markets succeed?
March 2012 There are no permanent crises
November 2011 Lobbying and corruption
November 2010 Tax reform as the order of the day: Saving or saving to destroy?
November 2009 Social policy in crisis
November 2008 China - economic partner or adversary?
November 2007 Labour market and migration
November 2006 Retirement insurance through the capital market? Opportunities and threats



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