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GSSS 2013

4. Graz Schumpeter Summer School (1.-6. Juli 2013)


Innovations, Institutions and Economic Dynamics


In today’s globalised world great disparities in economic development exist between industrialised countries and transitional economies. What are the driving forces behind dynamic and rapid change in economies and why do some countries, despite overall tremendous progress in the past decades, fail to develop and improve economically?

The Summer School 2013 will analyse the evolution of economic  systems with a focus on how institutions matter in the dynamics of growth. Special attention is given to the analytical methods and tools suited to deal with complex economic developments and to alternative approaches to the problems at hand.

The school addresses PhD students and young researchers (Junior Fellows) working in the fields of Evolutionary Economics, Institutional Economics, Economics of Growth, Globalization and Development Economics, and History of Economic Thought.

The schedule of the Summer School has between three and four lectures each day, given by members of the Senior Faculty. A significant part of the time will be devoted to seminars in which Junior Fellows are given the opportunity to present their research work and get feedbacks from peers.

Senior Faculty:

Professor Giovanni Dosi, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa

Professor Ulrich Krause, Universität Bremen

Professor Heinz D. Kurz, Universität Graz

Professor Stanley Metcalfe, University of Manchester

Professor Malcolm Rutherford, University of Victoria, Canada

Professor Ian Steedman, Metropolitan University Manchester

Professor Ulrich Witt, Universität Jena




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