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GSC Discussion Papers

Mellacher, P. (2023): Growth, Inequality and Declining Business Dynamism in a Unified Schumpeter Mark I + II model. GSC Discussion Paper No. 27/2. (Download)
Hager, T., Mellacher, P., Rath, M. (2023): Endogenous Heterogeneous Gender Norms and the Distribution of Paid and Unpaid Work in an Intra-Household Bargaining Model, GSC Discussion Paper No. 30. (Download)
Mellacher, P.; Lechner, G. (2023): Predicting Voter Ideology Using Machine Learning, GSC Discussion Paper No. 29. (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2022): The Impact of Corona Populism: Empirical Evidence from Austria and Theory, GSC Discussion Paper No. 24/2 (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2021): Opinion Dynamics with Conflicting Interests. GSC Discussion Paper No. 28. (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2021): Growth, Concentration and Inequality in a Unified Schumpeter Mark I + II model. GSC Discussion Paper No. 27. (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2021): Endogenous viral mutations, evolutionary selection, and containment policy design, GSC Discussion Paper No. 26. (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2021): What if Merkel had acted like Johnson against COVID-19? Insights from an Agent-based Model, GSC Discussion Paper No. 25. (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2021): The Impact of Corona Populism: Empirical Evidence from Austria and Theory, GSC Discussion Paper No. 24/2 (Download)
Mellacher, P. (2020): COVID-Town: An Integrated Economic-Epidemiological Agent-Based Model, GSC Discussion Paper No. 23. (Download)

Sturn, R. (2020): Patents, public agency, and prices: the Case of Covid-19 Vaccines, GSC Discussion Paper No. 22. (Download)

Rath, J. (2020): Substituting Trust by Technology: A Comparative Study, GSC Discussion Paper No. 21. (Download)

Haas, D. (2019): Technical Change, Consumption and Time Use: The Employment Effect of Innovations when Consumption takes Time, GSC Discussion Paper No. 20. (Download)

Sturn, R. (2019): Zur Politischen Ökonomie der Digitalisierung, GSC Discussion Paper No. 19a (Download)
Sturn, R. (2019): Public credit, capital, and state agency: Fiscal responsibility in German-language Finanzwissenschaft, GSC Discussion Paper No. 19. (Download)
Mellacher, P.; Scheuer, T. (2018): Wage Inequality, Labor Market Polarization and Skill-Biased Technological Change: An Evolutionary (Agent-Based) Approach, GSC Discussion Paper No. 18. (Download)
Scheuer, T. (2016): The Worry about Wealth: Minimum Wage Rate and Unemployment Benefits to the Rescue?, GSC Discussion Paper No. 17. (Download)
Haas, D. (2016): Diffusion of a new intermediate product in a simple ‘classical-Schumpeterian’ model, GSC Discussion Paper No. 16.  (Download)
Scheuer, T. (2015): Schumpeterian Adaption and Labour Shortage: Reconsidering Investment, GSC Discussion Paper No. 15. (Download)
Kurz, H.D. (2015): Schumpeter und Keynes, Gemeinsam gegen den Strom, getrennt zu neuen Ufern, GSC Discussion Paper No. 14. (Download)
Palan, N. (2015): Konzentrations- und Ungleichheitsindizes – ein Überblick am Beispiel der Textilindustrie. GSC Discussion Paper No. 13. (Download)
Schütz, M. (2015): From Low-Tech to High-Skill? Innovation System-related-Dynamics in Italy's and Portugal's C&T-Industry. GSC Discussion Paper No. 12. (Download)
Haas, D. (2015): Schumpeterian Adaptation and Labour Shortage. GSC Discussion Paper No. 11. (Download)
Hein, E. (2015): Secular Stagnation or Stagnation Policy? Steindl After Summers. GSC Discussion Paper No. 10. (Download)
Palan, N.; Schütz, M. (2015): Restructuring the International Textile Production and Trade Network. The Role of Italy and Portugal. GSC Discussion Paper No. 09/2. (Download)
Palan, N.; Schütz, M. (2014): The Textile Trade Network – the role of Italy and Portugal. GSC Discussion Paper No. 09/1. (Download)

Schütz, M. (2014): Regional innovation systems: A network analysis of three Australian territories. GSC Discussion Paper No. 08. (Download)

Strohmaier, R. (2014): The Evolution of Economic Structure under Pervasive Technical Change: A Methodological and Empirical Study. GSC Discussion Paper No. 07. (Download)

Haas, D.; Rainer, A. (2014): Diffusion in a simple classical model: Micro decisions and macro outcomes. GSC Discussion Paper No. 06. (Download)

Kurz, H.D. (2014): Adam Smith on Markets, Competition and Violations of Natural Liberty. GSC Discussion Paper No. 05. (Download)

Rainer, A.; Strohmaier, R. (2013): Modeling the Diffusion of General Purpose Technologies in an Evolutionary Multi-Sector Framework. GSC Discussion Paper No. 04/2. (Download)

Strohmaier, R.; Rainer, A. (2013): On the Economic Purpose of General Purpose Technologies: A Combined Classical and Evolutionary Framework. GSC Discussion Paper No. 04. (Download)

Rainer, A. (2013): A combined Classical - Evolutionary model to explain inter- and inner-sectoral spillover effects of technical change.  GSC Discussion Paper No 02/2. (Download)


Rainer, A.; Schütz, M. (2012): The legacy of Veblen and Schumpeter in interpreting mathematical aspects of economic diffusion processes.  GSC Discussion Paper No 03. (Download)

Rainer, A. (2012): Technical change in a combined Classical - Evolutionary multi-sector economy: Causes, Effects and implications for economic and social policy.  GSC Discussion Paper No 02. (Download)

Kurz, H.D. (2012): Schumpeter’s New Combinations. Revisiting his Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung on the Occasion of its Centenary. GSC Discussion Paper No 01. (Download)


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